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What is Fasching?!

Fasching [ˈfaʃɪŋ] also Karneval or Fastnacht; that time is often called the "fifth season", is a festive season which occurs immediately before Lent, the main events are usually during February, the season traditionally start at 11th November at 11:11 am and ends on Ash Wednesday the following year, it is a time that includes all night parties, dancing, hugging and kissing everywhere and everyone, most of the people dress up or masquerade during the celebrations, which an overturning of the norms of daily life, there are parties for all, for women only and for children, all that celebrating is usually in the spirit of fun and good will, the most active Carnival week is around Rosenmontag (Rose Monday), Fasching typically involves a parade.

All in all Fasching is a special mix of tradition, parties, suits, dancing, celebrations, different events and a lot of fun - all people should do is to be happy.

BUT: The best you can do to find out what Fasching is, is to visit us and celebrate it with us!

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